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Abigail Asunda

She started her journey in November 2018 with her husband, Isaac Asunda.

From a job that paid her miserable income, now she and her husband are Millionaire Circle members. She bought her first car in her 9th month and in her first year, she had been to 3 all expense paid trips to Ethiopia, Dubai, and the Philippines with her husband.

She has mentored a lot of people who are making a lot of money through this opportunity. even with these great results, she keeps saying that her only regret is not finding this opportunity much sooner!

Hajarat Salawu

I have always wished to be an Entrepreneur even before joining the bank where I worked for close to a decade. I have failed in several ventures, so when I joined the bank, I started aiming at attaining the highest rank possible within a given period of time.

For close to a decade I was still on the same level but I never stopped searching for a way out. I was later told that my service was no longer needed in 2018, so I continued my search for greatness. I met with my former superior colleague Mrs. Celine Nwosu online and she invited me to see this great opportunity. I came in as a secretary because I was so extremely broke and homeless. In less than a year everything changed to the glory of God.

Now I'm not only making money, I have been able to mentor a lot of people who are also doing tremendously well financially. In less than a year I qualified for an all expense trip to Philippines in Asia. I'm not where I want to be yet but I’m fast approaching.

Obodoeze Chikamso

As a teenager, she did different kinds of business and menial jobs to see herself through in the university and help her family.

Saw the connected economy 2018 few months before she finished her service year. Even though she was retained where she did her primary assignment (AEDC), she was so dedicated running the business part time but six months down the line started making five times her monthly salary and she fired her boss.

By 2019 she was inaugurated into the millionaire circle Earner and has been part of those who travelled to Philippines on an expense paid trip

Today, she has helped many people both graduate and undergraduate, old and young into achieving great success in Entrepreneurship.

Usman Umar Suleiman

He is a civil servant in Teaching Hospital Sokoto.

He caught the vision of the connected economy in January 2020, and in just 3 months, using the C21FG system and support he experienced remarkable results and built a team of over 200 entrepreneurs in Sokoto.

Within his first 3 months he made over N800,000.00, bought a new bike, gave out his old one and is well on his way to achieving all his goals and aspirations in life through the Connected Economy.

He has a vision to create multimillionaires and greater opportunities in the connected economy to the next generation and beyond.

Reuben Danjuma

I was a Teacher for Nine (9) years who was struggling to cater for his bills with a salary of less-than 40k in a month.

I saw this opportunity in July, 2018 through Engr. Emmanuel Omeri via online link. I borrowed money to get myself started. With one year of support and mentorship through the system, I began to make five (5) times my salary every month.

I qualified for an all expense paid trip in November 2019 to Ethiopia and Dubai. I resigned from my Job to face my business fully and today to the Glory of God I have team mates who have also resigned from their jobs and are doing well through this opportunity.

Adonis Adoyi

Adonis Adoyi is a graduate and a master degree holder. He grew up in an academic setting where all he was told is to go to school and get the best grade so that he can get a good job after school.

He worked in several organizations, moving from one organization to another seeking for a well paid job. Finally, he found himself working in a hospitality industry as a hotelier where he worked for 7 years on a salary that could barely cater for himself and his family.

He keyed into the vision of the connected economy and in 7 months resigned his appointment from hotel. With the right mentorship and coaching he was able to achieve great success in the connected economy in a very short time. He has built a large team of over 5,000 with lots successful men and women, travelled for an all expense paid trip to Philippines, a member of millionaire circle and has replaced his monthly income X10.

Emmanuel I. Omeri

Emmanuel I. Omeri has background in chemical engineering and a professional interior design and decorator.

He was a practicing interior designer with a miserable income less than $150 monthly. He barely lived through the months, struggling all the time to meet up with his financial obligations. Three 3 months after he caught the vision of the connected economy, he quit the interior design and decoration practice.

He qualified for his first ever international trip after 6months. Now a 2 times Philippine trip qualifier and a millionaire circle member.

Being a product of mentorship, he has raised so many young men and women who are full time entrepreneurs and have taken full control of their finances, with many of them leaving well paying jobs to pursue their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs through his mentorship and coaching.

Nelson Obi

I started this journey in August 2018, I had no job nor income. But as a young man I wanted to be successful. Growing up from a family of 6 where responsibilities were more than the income, we struggled and borrowed to eat.

I woke up one morning and I decided I was going to do something about my condition to help my family but I didn't know where to start from. Until I came in contact with this group. I had a clear-cut plan on what will take me away from my life of misery and depression to a life of Abundance and Fulfilment. Today it's a different story, My dreams have become a reality.

Today I have created a monthly million naira business and one of the millionaire circle members, Qualified for an all expense paid trip to Asia in 2019.

Anaetoh Peter

Anaetoh Peter is a musician, a song writer and holds Bachelors Degree in Computer Science.

He is currently a Great Achievers Leader who has grown over 3,000 team of entrepreneurs. In the course of his life he rose from a house paint dealer, a contractor, to a musician and came spiraling down to a house painter and an Uber taxi driver.

He found a solution with the Connected Economy. Through this project he has hundreds of people earn a living, replace their salaries and start up businesses.

Mr Chike Ezepue

Mr Chike Ezepue is a masters degree holder in Business Administration (MBA) after graduating from the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

As a great leader of this organization he has been able to grow an amazing entrepreneurs he is currently working with towards achieving financial freedom.

Immediately after his NYSC in 2007, he was employed into the banking sector where he worked and struggled for financial freedom for over 11 years before taking the bold step to resign in mid 2019 to build his own dream life.

To the glory of God, this great opportunity has been able to turn around his personality, from someone who could not speak to more than 3 or more people to thousands of people. He has been on vacation abroad through this opportunity and Was able to complete and have a beautiful house of his own in Abuja and so many more.

His vision is to be among the multi billionaires in his time and equally be a blessing to his generation.

Temitope Awelewa

Temitope Awelewa had background in Geology from the Ekiti State University Ado-Ekiti.

He is currently the Leader of the Eagles Team under the Great Achievers Mentor.

Temitope is a young man from a very poor background whose father gathered an extended family to pay his first year school fee of 101,750 naira only. The meeting lasted for about 3hours and the entire family were able to pay on three installment payments.

Catching into the vision of the connected economy, he has made tremendous successes, acquired a car and a house of his dreams, Most important to him, he has been able to expand his charity foundation that cares for street and market children and help them to get back to school by providing their basic needs.

In 2019, his foundation was able to help 142 children to get back to school across seven communities of Ekiti state.

He is sold into the vision of his mentor to create 20,000 multi millionaires in the connected economy by 2025 and usher in the next generation billionaires.

Dr John Okwu

I am Dr John Okwu, a medical doctor and an entrepreneur. I connected to this opportunity in October 2018, a time when I was at my lowest ebb financially.

Prior to seeing this opportunity, I had invested my savings from my salary in many investment vehicles and lost everything. At the point of seeing this opportunity, I was very skeptical and also broke.

However, I gave it a go, borrowed some money and started. It turned out to be the best decision I made in 2018. Three months into this opportunity I resigned from medical practice to face the business fulltime. That too turned out to be a great decision.

Looking back one year and seven months down the line, I am very delighted to have seen this opportunity that pays me daily and has helped me to build a team of partners who are committed to this business and whose lives have been transformed tremendously.

Moses Onu

Moses Onu, a master's degree holder in Architecture. Had hoped for a very bright future where I can enjoy the good life through architecture.

It has always been a dream to give to the less privileged, provide the best for my family, take good care of my parents who struggled and borrowed to see me through school all with the hope that once I graduate with a good certificate, I'll get a well paying job, earn so much money and take good care of them. But all these seemed a distant reality after graduation and working so hard for years in a job where I was only paid peanuts.

I was shown the La Buena Vida opportunity first in 2017 but I turned it down, owing to past experience but then grabbed the opportunity a year later after seeing how much it was changing the lives of many. That decision to own my life has been the best decision of my life ever.

I Am a monthly millionaire earner,
I Am the Top 3 highest matcher in Nigeria,
I have mentored and am mentoring many who are hugely successful.
I qualified for trips to three different cities (Dubai, Manila and Ethiopia)
I am building a house for my parents
This business gave me my first Car in life.

IT'S LABUENA VIDA. I am living the good life.

Oko Mary Ugo

I am Oko Mary Ugo, a Microbiologist, before now, I was full of hope and ambition for a better future but no experience of what the world had for me.

I was in debt, broke and was looking for a way around this challenge and also help my family and people around me.

I started this campaign 18th of June, 2017 as a Corp Member. in two years and eleven months I have been able to joined the Millionaire Circle, had an all expense paid trip vacation and living life on my terms.

My purpose is to mentor lots of people who are yet to discover how they can change their lives through the La Buena Vida and fulfil their dreams.

Pst Ibrahim Zakka Dikko

I am Pst Ibrahim Zakka Dikko, the Lead Pastor of Manifestation Int'l Christian Center (MIIC) with headquarters in Abuja, a professional Accountant and an astute Businessman.

I joined this amazing organization on the 17th of February, 2018. I was at the lowest ebb of my life when I got the amazing invitation text that gave me a 180 degrees turn-around.

10 months into this campaign, I was able to give my wife a Honda Pilot jeep on our 18th year marriage anniversary, in less than a year, I was able to join the millionaires club and also join the monthly millionaire Earners circle with the task of raising monthly millionaire Earners like me, I was able to qualify for the all expenses trip vacation to the Philippines in May of 2019 and was able to raise leaders running their businesses in 8 states in Nigeria 🇳🇬.

I believe in the Royal Priesthood anointing, where as a Priest, I minister to God and to the people and also rule on this earth as a King. Through The La Buena Vida, I can achieve my mandate of raising a kingdom of Kings and Priests that will rule the earth.

Lola Ogundare

Meet Lola Ogundare. She started her La Buena Vida journey in June 2016 during her service year.

Raised by a single parent who was relieved from his job without notice. She was left with no option but to become the breadwinner of her family (Father and two siblings).

But thanks to this project she is now a Millionaire Circle Member (she earns millions monthly) and she has been to several all expense paid International trips courtesy of this innitiative. And has also purchased her dream car from this business. She's able to take care of her family and give them the best!

She has several offices in Nigeria where she has mentored a lot of people who are making lot of money through this amazing opportunity.

Isdore Uwakwe

Isdore Uwakwe is his name, he struggled as a lecturer with Federal College of Agriculture Ishiagu in Ebonyi state. According to him, his monthly salary lasted for about an hour which was a function of when it was received. Was in a vicious circle of borrowing and paying back and had barely enough to take care of his family.

Started his journey in September 2016 and have retired from the lecturing job after 8 years of working. With the La Buena Vida, he makes in 3 days, his monthly salary of 130k when he was working

He is now a millionaire circle member and has been sponsored on all expense paid international vacations courtesy of La Buena Vida. As a millionaire circle member, he has mentored a lot of people who are now monthly 6 figures income earners.

His greatest achievement according to him is being able to help other people achieve their goals financially and otherwise.

Chidiebere Ogalagu

Few years ago I was struggling financially. I got a Federal job at National Orientation Agency (N.O.A) in Ebonyi State Directorate.

I had big dreams, and I prayed with hope that my salary would help me live the life of my dreams. But after 11years with a salary of less than N100,000 per month, I found myself in debt, miserable, with no savings to fall back on which was my biggest fear. Amidst my financial crisis, a friend brought me the good news of the LA BUENA VIDA PROJECT.

Fast forward today, the LA BUENA VIDA PROJECT has lived up to its name. I am now a Millionaire Circle Member earning multiple 7-digits and travelled on exotic vacations to Asia, East Africa and the Middle East.

I have also mentored so many people who are earning multiple 5-6 digits per month in over seven states across the country.

Looking back today, I am so proud I wasn't foolish to walk away from this opportunity.

Miracle Anene

She saw this opportunity at a point in her life where she had tried different businesses but the economical situation of things kept frustrating her efforts. She took to education and got a masters degree thinking it was the way out but the pay on jobs was still not as expected.

Gradually through this amazing opportunity, she began to improve her finances and is mentoring a lot of people who are changing their lives through this opportunity.

She enjoyed an all expense paid trip to Philippines last year and is warming up for several such vacations this year.

Her favourite statement 'this has been a super amazing ride'. Her excitment about this is can't be contained as she vows to help as many people as she can through this opportunity to become financially free.

Jerry Aniobi

Jerry is a Seasonal Blogger, a Social Entrepreneur and Business Connector.

He became a connector with Century 21 Freedom Group Intl in 2016, 3 months after passing out from Youth Service. After service hope of a good job was deem.

He worked so hard and bought his first car in his 6th month. In less than a year into the business, he qualified for an all expense paid trip to Manila, Philippines. He has also been to other cities like Abu Dhabi, Pasay, Bataan and Batangas through this project.

Currently, he is in the Millionaires Circle of the company and has over 2000 persons who are under his mentorship.

His goal is to help lots of people to become financially stable through the system.

Mrs Adenike Oni

She joined the business in January 2017, doing it part time along side her fulltime job as a matron in National Hospital Abuja.

In June 2019, she resigned her appointment in National Hospital when the income from her part time business started paying her more than the fulltime job she had for the past 20 years. Over the past 12 months she had enjoyed all expenses paid vacations to Philippines, Dubai, Ethiopia, South Africa and Mauritius.

She has mentored many people who are doing well in the business. Her only regret is that she did not take the business serious from the moment she joined. She spends more time with her family now.

Saffiy Taiwo Siyanbade

After building an increasingly demanding 10-year career in infrastructure engineering, with some of the largest tech firms in Nigeria, he realised that if he ever wanted to spend good, memorable time with his wife and young kids, he had to find a way to transition out of his 60 hours a week routine.

His most difficult question had always been "which business would pay me as much income as my salary in a short while and where will I find the time to even build such a business?"

Within 2 years of partnering with our organisation (part-time) through the help and mentorship of some of the organisation's most experienced consultants, he was able to quit his time-consuming job. At the time, his earning from his part-time business was almost double his monthly salary.

He is now a Millionaire Circle member and also has qualified to travel to several all-expense paid destinations with our organisation.

His goal for 2020 is to personally help 20 new people to earn over N500,000 monthly.

Peter Oluwafemi Modupe

He was one of the Youngest Dangote distributors in Nigeria, was turned down by banks when he asked for a loan to expand his business.

He started his journey to raise capital and today he is living his dream. He has become a mentor helping other people raise capital to start businesses.

From a life of struggle, uncertainty and despair he is now a millionaire circle member. He has been to all-expense paid trips to Phillipines, South Africa and Mauritius. He has mentored alot of people who are making a lot of money through this opportunity.

Gloria Ukachukwu

She started her journey in June 2017.

After her Tertiary Institution, she aspired to be an entrepreneur. The aspiration got so intense when she applied for a Bank Job and was told her WAEC result in mathematics was too poor for the Job. At that moment she lost interest in working for anybody or looking for any other job and decided that Entrepreneurship is a must.

From several small businesses, now she is a Millionaire circle member. She has been to 2 all-expense paid trips. She has mentored a lot of people who are making good money through the opportunity.

Entrepreneurship is really the best way if you are serious with living the life of your dreams.

Mr Collins Ejiofor Ugwuanyi

My name is Mr Collins Ejiofor Ugwuanyi. I am a Chartered Accountant and I hold Masters Degree in Business Administration with PHD in view.

I worked extensively both within and outside the country at various management capacities. One day I was on Facebook and suddenly I saw a picture of my very good friend Juliet Okonkwo in Asia. I was surprised because from her humble background. She invited me to Abuja from Lagos, paid my flight tickets just to come and see the opportunity.

I landed in Abuja on 17th July, 2019 and after seeing the irresistible opportunity, I joined the campaign. When I got the hint that Lagos would be launched in September 2019, I fired my boss immediately regardless of all the entreaties. Lagos kicked off on September 20, 2019.

To my utmost surprise, within 3 weeks of starting this business, I qualified to travel with the organization to two different countries, Ethiopia and Dubai for a vacation.

I sincerely attest to you that I have never had a better yesterday since I joined this business. It's been from one level of success to another. I return all the glory to the Almighty God.

Mr Luka Stephen

He joined the campaign in April 2019 and in less than 6 months, he qualified for all expenses paid trip to Dubai and Ethiopia in November 2019.

According to Mr. Luka, he had never entered an airport or seen the inside an aircraft. He only sees airplanes flying in the sky. His first ever trip inside an airplane was an international trip to Dubai and Ethiopia.

Today he is one of the leaders in the team mentoring people to be successful in the business.

Tnushi Paul

"The future belongs to those who take action."

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